Stephen Lee Anderson is an American actor.


As well as his musical roles, Anderson appeared in plays including The Kentucky Cycle and The Crucible. He also appeared in such television shows as Law & Order and Daredevil.


Anderson appeared in a wide variety of stage musicals, originating roles in Violet, The Capeman and most notably as Reverend Shaw Moore in the original production of Footloose.

Anderson went on to play multiple parts in such musicals as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Wicked and the final run of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.


Paint Your Wagon (1992)

  • Trio (contains solo lines)

Floyd Collins (1996)

  • 'Tween a Rock an' a Hard Place (contains solo lines)
  • Is That Remarkable?
  • The Carnival
  • The Dream

Violet (1997)(originated the role)

  • Water in the Well (contains solo lines)
  • Luck of the Draw (contains solo lines)
  • Down the Mountain (contains solo lines)
  • That's What I Could Do (solo)

The Capeman (1998)(originated the role)

  • Virgil (duet)

Footloose (1998)(originated the role)

  • Footloose/On Any Sunday (contains solo lines)
  • Heaven Help Me (solo)
  • I'm Free/Heaven Helps the Man (contains solo lines)
  • I Confess (solo)(cut)
  • Heaven Help Me (reprise)(solo)
  • Can You Find it in Your Heart (reprise)(solo)

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (2001)(originated the role)

Lemuel Dobbins
  • Hey, Tom Sawyer! (contains solo lines)
Reverend Sprague
  • Hey, Tom Sawyer! (contains solo lines)
  • Ain't Life Fine (reprise)(contains solo lines)

Wicked (2006)

The Wizard (understudy)
  • No One Mourns the Wicked (contains solo lines)
  • A Sentimental Man (solo)
  • Wonderful (duet)
  • A Sentimental Man (reprise)(solo)
Dr. Dillamond (understudy)
  • Something Bad (duet)
Frexspar (understudy)
  • No One Mourns the Wicked (contains solo lines)

Jack (2013)

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark (2013)

Viper Executive
  • Pull the Trigger

Bright Star (2014)(originated the role)

  • Whaddya Say, Jimmy Ray?/By Your Side (contains solo lines)
  • Please, Don't Take Him (contains solo lines)


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