Roger Moore
Biographical Information
Born October 14th, 1927
London, England
Died May 23rd, 2017
Productions The Muppet Show as Himself
Vocal Type Tenor

Roger Moore was an English actor.


Born in London, England, and after spending time at RADA after his national service, became an extra and a knitwear model, gaining larger roles during a contract with MGM. However it was in television that he would make his name, playing the suave and stylish Simon Templar in The Saint. This was followed by his role in The Persuaders. In 1971, Moore acheived worldwide fame in his best known role, succeeding Sean Connery as James Bond, a role he would play for seven films, more than any other actor. He also appeared in action films such as The Wild Geese and comedies like The Cannonball Run.

After Bond, Moore appeared somewhat less in films and television, usually making appearances that parodied his character from the series. Instead, he became better known as a UNICEF ambassador and also as a anecdotalist, writing several popular memoirs and giving speaking tours. In 2003 he received a knighthood.

Moore passed away in 2017.


Moore made an appearance on The Muppet Show in which he made his sole singing appearance, speak-singing the song "Talk to the Animals" from Doctor Doolittle. Initially smooth and gentle, the song becomes faster paced as a number of spies and assassins attempt to eliminate him and are wiped out, as Moore jokingly sends up his "James Bond" persona.


The Muppet Show

  • Talk to the Animals (contains solo lines)