Pat Hingle was an American actor.


Born Martin Patterson Hingle in Miami, Florida, he served in the United States Navy during the Second World War, after which he became an actor, making his debut End as a Man and later originatied the role of Gooper in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Hingle became best known as a film and television actor, appearing in such films as Hang 'Em High, Norma Rae, and perhaps most prominently as Commissioner Gordon in the 1980/90s Batman series.

Hingle passed away in 2009.


Whilst Hingle appeared as Senator Mason in the musical The Selling of the President, his role was spoken. He did however sing in another political musical, when he played Benjamin Franklin in 1776.


1776 (1997)

  • The Lees of Old Virginia (contains solo lines)
  • But, Mr. Adams (contains solo lines)
  • He Plays the Violin (contains solo lines)
  • The Egg (contains solo lines)
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