Paradise Found.

Paradise Found is a stage musical based on the novel Die Geschichte von der 1002 Nacht (The Tale of the 1002 Night) by Joseph Roth.



Musical numbers

Act I
  • "Once and Now" - Shah, Eunuch and Grand Vizier
  • "Train Station" - Company
  • "Perfect Love" - Eunuch and Girls
  • "Feeling Good" - Mizzi and The Baron
  • "Ev'ry Little Bit" - Soap Manufacturer's Wife, Eunuch and Customers
  • "Faces Like Flow'rs" - Eunuch, Women and Men
  • "Empress of Fantasy" -The Baron and Eunuch
  • "Without Desire" - Eunuch, the Baron, Frau Matzner and Shah
Act II
  • "Never Better" - Mizzi, the Baron, Eunuch and Frau Matzner
  • "Save This Empire" - General, Gossips, Women, the Emperor and Chorus
  • "Feeling Good" (Reprise) - Mizzi, the Baron
  • "The Same Lovely Vienna" - Customers
  • "How Could You Know" - Frau Matzner, Customers
  • "What Are They?" - Mizzi
  • "Ve Made a Em-per-ess" - Baron Trummer
  • "Perfect Love" (Reprise) - Eunuch and Wives
  • "Finale"
    • "Without Desire" - Eunuch, the Baron, Frau Matzner, Mizzi and Chorus
    • "Feeling Good" - Baron, Mizzi, Harem Women, Women and Men
    • "Save This Empire" - Company
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