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Oliver Reed was an English film actor.


Born in Wimbledon, he gained his first major roles in Hammer Horror productions and later became a regular collaborator with both Michael Winner and Ken Russell. His work with Russell included the controversial religious themed work The Devils and Women in Love.

Whilst respected for his acting abilities, Reed was also notorious for his hard drinking lifestyle, and was one of English cinema's famed "hellraisers", alongside Richard Burton, Richard Harris and Peter O'Toole. Reed was most notable for his roles as Athos the Musketeer, Bill Sykes in Oliver! and his final role as Antonius Proximo in Gladiator. During production, he passed away, and was posthumously nominated for a British Academy Award.


Though he claimed to have a singing voice "like a rugby forward" Reed still recorded several albums, including duetting on "Baby It's Cold Outside" with Joyce Blair and "Wild Thing" with Alex Higgins. He also gained the crucial role of "Uncle" Frank Hobbs in film adaptation of The Who's album of the same name.


Tommy (1975)

  • Bernie's Holiday Camp (includes solo lines)
  • 1951/What About the Boy? (duet)
  • Christmas (includes solo lines)
  • Do You Think It's Alright (part I)(duet)
  • Do You Think It's Alright (part II)(duet)
  • Do You Think It's Alright (part III)(duet)
  • There's a Doctor (duet)
  • Welcome (includes solo lines)
  • T.V. Studio (duet)


The Wild One (1961)

  • The Wild One (solo)
  • Lonely for a Girl (solo)

Sometimes (1962)

  • Sometimes (solo)
  • Ecstasy (solo)

Baby It's Cold Outside (1962)

  • Baby It's Cold Outside (duet)

Wild Thing (1992)

  • Wild Thing (duet)