Michael Ingram is an American actor.


Ingram began his show business career on television in the series Yound Dr. Malone, playing Stefan Koda. He subsequently went onto have guest roles in a number of hit television series including Sex in the City and The Sopranos.

While best known for his stage roles, Ingram made a number of film appearances, including Unforgettable, and voiced Bruno in the video game Mafia II. As well as acting, he was also a professional voice coach.


Ingram appeared in a number of stage musicals, making his debut in Saravá in 1979 before appearing in several higher profile shows including originating Captain Ahab in Moby Dick, playing Herman in the revival of Sweet Charity and gaining praise for his performance as Kalamutke in Yiddle With a Fiddle. Later, Ingram appeared in the original production of A Christmas Carol (as the Judge who sentences Scrooge's father) and Jekyll & Hyde as the lecherous Bishop of Basingstoke.


Saravá (1979)(originated the role)

Moby Dick (1986)(originated the role)

  • The Doubloon (duet)
  • Stand by Me (duet)
  • Stubb's Song (duet)
  • The Jeroboam (contains solo lines)
  • Thou Venerable Head (solo)
  • Boomer and Bunger (contains solo lines)
  • Queequeg Dying (contains solo lines)
  • Ahab's Cabin (duet)
  • Ahab and the Carpenter (duet)
  • My Boy (contains solo lines)
  • I Will Stay With You (duet)
  • Mild, Mild Day (contains solo lines)

Sweet Charity (1987)

  • I Love to Cry at Weddings (contains solo lines)

Chu Chem (1989)

Chu Chem (Standby)
  • What Happened, What? (contains solo lines)
  • I'll Talk to Her (contains solo lines)
  • Shame on You (contains solo lines)
  • The Wise (solo)
  • We Dwell In Our Hearts (contains solo lines)
  • It's Possible (solo)
  • Finale
Yakob (understudy)
  • What Happened, What? (reprise)(solo)
  • Finale
Hong Ho (The Governor)(understudy)
  • Rain (contains solo lines)
  • Boom! (solo)
  • Finale

Yiddle With a Fiddle (1990)(originated the role)

Anyone Can Whistle (1995)

  • Miracle Introduction
  • Fay's Arrival

A Christmas Carol (1994)(originated the role)

  • Jolly, Rich and Fat
  • God Bless Us Everyone

Jekyll & Hyde (1997)

Bishop of Basingstoke
  • Facade
  • Jekyll's Plea (contains solo lines)
  • Murder, Murder


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