Kurt Kasznar was an Austrian actor.


Born Kurt Servischer in Vienna, Austria-Hungary, he worked as a youth with directors Max Reinhardt and Max Linder. He worked in New York with Reinhardt's theatre company in such productions as The Eternal Road and later appeared in The Happy Time (winning a Golden Globe for the film adaptation), the original productions of Barefoot in the Park and Waiting for Godot in New York.

Kasznar also made a number of screen appearances, making his debut in 1924's The King of the Circus and later playing Fred Graham/Baptista in Kiss Me, Kate and Harry Trevor/Baptista in Anything Goes.

He passed away in 1979.


Kasznar sang in the films Give a Girl a Break and My Sister Eileen, as well as performing the duet "Be a Clown" in the television series Land of the Giants.

He was more prolific on stage, originating the roles of Boule in Seventh Heaven and Max Detweiler in The Sound of Music on Broadway.


Give a Girl a Break (1953)

  • Nothing is Impossible (contains solo lines)

My Sister Eileen (1955)

  • I'm Great
  • Conga


Land of the Giants (1970)

  • Be a Clown (duet)


Seventh Heaven (1955)(originated the role)

  • C'est la Vie (contains solo lines)
  • Finale

The Sound of Music (1959)(originated the role)

  • How Can Love Survive (duet)
  • No Way to Stop It (solo)

The Threepenny Opera (1965)

  • The Soldiers' Song (contains solo lines)
  • Love Duet (duet)
  • Farewell Song (duet)
  • Tango Ballad (duet)
  • Ballad of the Easy Life (solo)
  • Second Finale (contains solo lines)
  • Cry from the Dungeon (solo)
  • Testament (solo)
  • Third Finale

The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny (1974)

Fiddler on the Roof (1974)

  • Tradition
  • Sabbath Prayer
  • If I Were a Rich Man (solo)
  • To Life (contains solo lines)
  • Tevye's Monologue (solo)
  • Tevye's Dream (contains solo lines)
  • Sunrise, Sunset (contains solo lines)
  • Tevye's Rebuttal (solo)
  • Chavaleh (solo)
  • Anatevka


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