Jonathan Adams was an English actor.


Born in Northampton, England, Adams was inspired to become an actor and an artist after viewing The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. He became an artist and later an art teacher, but also put on popular one man shows, acting, singing, playing piano and often writing his own pieces. His most popular show was Jonathan Adams' Happy Hour.

Additionally, Adams was often seen as a character actor on British television, including in Jesus of Nazareth and Yes, Prime Minister, as well as several film appearances.

Adams passed away in 2005.


Adams made a considerable contribution to musical theatre through his connection to The Rocky Horror Show, in which he originated the role of The Criminologist. When the show was adapted into a film; The Rocky Horror Picture Show, he took on the larger role of Dr. Everett Von Scott.

He later appeared in the original cast of Cameron Mackintosh's Tom Foolery, as several different characters, and as Warner in the musical Metropolis.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1973)

  • Eddie's Teddy (contains solo lines)
  • Planet Schmanit (contains solo lines)
  • Rose Tint My World/Don't Dream It, Be It/Wild and Untamed Thing (contains solo lines)


The Rocky Horror Show (1970)(originated the role)

  • The Time Warp (recitative)
  • Eddie's Teddy (contains solo lines)
  • Super Heroes (recitative)

Tomfoolery (1980)

  • Be Prepared (contains solo lines)
  • I Wanna Go Back to Dixie (contains solo lines)
  • Silent (contains solo lines)
  • When You Are Old And Grey (duet)
  • Werner Von Braun (solo)
  • Who's Next? (contains solo lines)
  • National Brotherhood Week (contains solo lines)
  • Irish Ballad (contains solo lines)
  • I Hold Your Hand In Mine (contains solo lines)
  • The Masochism Tango (solo)
  • The Vatican Rag (contains solo lines)
  • We Will All Go Together When We Go (contains solo lines)

Metropolis (1989)(originated the role)

  • Futura (contains solo lines)
  • Old Friends (solo)
  • Haven't You Finished With Me? (duet)


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