Joan Cusack is an American actress.


Born in New York City and part of the American Cusack acting family, Cusack began with supporting roles in films including Sixteen Candles and Broadcast News before gaining attention for her role in Working Girl, which earned her an Academy Award nomination. She subsequently appeared in a number of comedies including Addams Family Values, Grosse Point Blank and School of Rock.

Cusack also made a number of voice appearances, most memorably serving as the voice of Jesse the Yodelling Cowgirl in the Toy Story series. She also made television appearances on Law and Order and an Emmy winning turn in Shameless


Though she does not have many singing credits to her name, Cusack performed the duet "The Mirror Song" in 1992's Toys and the Spice Girl's "Wannabe" in her voiceover role as Abbey in Chicken Little.


Toys (1992)

  • The Mirror Song (duet)

Chicken Little (2005)

  • Wannabe (duet)


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