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'Hy Hazell was an English actress.


Born Hyacinth O'Higgins in Streatham, London, she began her career as a chorus girl before making her screen debut in 1947. During the war, she frequently appeared as the principal boy in a number of pantomimes, a practice she continued for some years after.

Hazell also appeared in a number of films including The Yellow Balloon, Stolen Assignment and What Every Woman Wants.

Hazell passed away in 1970, during the run of Fiddler on the Roof.


Initially appearing in the ensemble of On Your Toes, Hazell also sang onscreen, notably performing two solos in The Forces' Sweetheart.

Onstage, Hazell originated such roles as Dixie Collins in Expresso Bongo, Catherine in Pleasures and Palaces and Kay Connor in Charlie Girl. She also appeared in No Strings, The Beggar's Opera and Fiddler on the Roof where she made her final performance playing Golde.


Dance Hall (1950)(soundtrack only)

  • You're Only Dreaming (solo)

The Lady Craved Excitement (1950)

  • The Lady Craves Excitement (solo)
  • Ladies of the Gaiety (solo)

Forces' Sweetheart (1953)

  • I'm Your Sweetheart, Maybe (solo)
  • All Through the Year (solo)
  • I'm the Girl the Forces Fight For (solo)


On Your Toes (1936)

Expresso Bongo (1958)(originated the role)

  • "He's Got Something for the Public (contains solo lines)
  • Nothing is for Nothing (contains solo lines)
  • We Bought It (duet)
  • Time (solo)
  • Finale

Lock Up Your Daughters! (1959)(originated the role)

  • I'll Be There (solo)
  • When Does the Ravishing Begin? (solo)

No Strings (1963)

  • Love Makes the World Go (contains solo lines)

Pleasures and Palaces (1965)(originated the role)

  • My Lover Is a Scoundrel (solo)
  • Truly Loved (solo)
  • Tears of Joy (contains solo lines)

Charlie Girl (1965)(originated the role)

  • What Would I Get from Being Married? (duet)
  • Let's Do a Deal (duet)
  • The Party of a Lifetime (contains solo lines)

The Beggar's Opera (1968)

Mrs. Peachum
  • Cold and Raw (solo)
  • Why is your faithful Slave disdained? (solo)
  • Of All the Sinful Things We Do? (solo)
  • Oh, London is a Fine Town (solo)
Diana Trapes
  • A Shepherd Kept Sheep (solo)

Ann Veronica (1969)(originated the role)

  • Maternity (contains solo lines)
  • They Can't Keep Us Down (contains solo lines)
  • Glad To Have You Back (duet)
  • Too Much Meat (duet)

Fiddler on the Roof (1970)

  • Tradition
  • Sabbath Prayer
  • The Dream (contains solo lines)
  • Sunrise, Sunset (contains solo lines)
  • Do You Love Me (duet)
  • Anatevka (contains solo lines)