Happy Endings.

Happy Endings is a 2005 romantic comedy film.


Singing roles

Non-singing roles


The film follows a diverse group of mostly middle-class Los Angelenos through the emotional ups and downs in their flawed yet very human lives, each loosely connected to each other through a restaurant.

In the first story, Mamie reluctantly agrees to work with a would-be young filmmaker in order to locate the now grown son she secretly gave up for adoption after becoming pregnant from her stepbrother Charley – who is later revealed to be gay – 19 years earlier.

In the second story arc, her stepbrother, and his domestic partner, Gil, are deciding whether or not to confront their friends, a lesbian couple, regarding the paternity of their son.

And in the third, a young man, Otis, is involved with a band and trying to keep his father, Frank, from learning that he is gay, while also dealing with the seemingly gold-digging woman, Jude, who inserts herself into their lives.

Musical numbers

  • "Honesty" - Jude
  • "How Lucky Am I" - Jude
  • "I Can't Wait" - Jude
  • "You Are the Same" - Jude
  • "Just the Way You Are" - Jude
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