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Gordon Dilworth was an American actor.


Born in Brooklyn, New York, he appeared in a number of stage musicals as well as television series such as Country Style and Bonanza, and the film Flipper's New Adventure in 1964.

Dilworth passed away in 1991.


Making his musical debut in The Merry Widow, Dilworth went on to originate supporting roles in Paint Your Wagon, Sandhog and My Fair Lady (where he understudied and later took over as Alfred P. Doolittle). He also appeared as Samuel Welles in On a Clear Day You Can See Forever and Tubby Wadlow in Walking Happy, as well as understudying the parts of Franklin and Dickinson in 1776.


The Merry Widow (1944)

  • In Marsovia (contains solo lines)

Paint Your Wagon (1951)(originated the role)

Reuben Sloane
  • I'm On My Way (contains solo lines)

Sandhog (1954)(originated the role)

  • Good Old Days (contains solo lines)

My Fair Lady (1956)(originated the role)

  • With a Little Bit of Luck
Alfred P. Doolittle (understudy)
  • With a Little Bit of Luck (contains solo lines)
  • With a Little Bit of Luck (reprise)(solo)
  • Get Me to the Church on Time (contains solo lines)

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (1965)(originated the role)

  • Ring Out the Bells (contains solo lines)

Walking Happy (1966)(originated the role)

  • How D'ya Talk to a Girl (duet)
  • It Might As Well Be Her (duet)

1776 (1970)

Benjamin Franklin (understudy)
  • The Lees of Old Virginia (contains solo lines)
  • But, Mr. Adams (contains solo lines)
  • He Plays the Violin (contains solo lines)
  • The Egg (contains solo lines)
John Dickinson (understudy)
  • Cool, Considerate Men (contains solo lines)