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Gene Varrone was an American actor.


Born in New York City,


Varrone was an ensemble member in number of Broadway musicals, playing character parts in such musicals as Take Me Along, Subways Are for Sleeping and Bravo Giovanni.

Varrone also originated roles in such major musicals as Drat! The Cat (as Mallet), Mr. Erlanson in A Little Night Music and The Conductor/Bride's Father in The Grand Tour.


The Pajama Game (1955)

Peter Pan (1956)

  • Pirate Song
  • Hook's Tango
  • Hook's Tarantella
  • Captain Hook's Waltz

Ziegfeld Follies of 1957 (1957)

Goldilocks (1958)

  • Pirate Orgy
  • Two Years in the Making
  • Heart of Stone (Pyramid Dance)

Take Me Along (1959)

  • The Parade
  • Sid Ol' Kid
  • For Sweet Charity
  • Take Me Along (Reprise)

Wildcat (1960)

  • Oil!
  • Give a Little Whistle (Reprise)
  • Tall Hope
  • Tall Hope (Act I Finale)
  • Procession
  • El Sombrero
  • Corduroy Road
  • Finale

Subways Are for Sleeping (1961)

  • Subways Are for Sleeping

Bravo Giovanni (1962)(originated the role)

  • Signora Pandolfo
  • The Kangaroo
  • Ah! Camminare (contains solo lines)
Pizza Maker
  • Uriti Kitchen (contains solo lines)

Tovarich (1963)(originated the role)

  • Nitchevo (contains solo lines)
  • It Used to Be (contains solo lines)
  • Make a Friend (contains solo lines)

Fade Out - Fade In (1964)

Byron Prong (understudy)
  • The Thirties (solo)
  • Fear (Reprise)(contains solo lines)
  • I'm With You (contains solo lines)
  • My Fortune Is My Face (solo)
  • Close Harmony (contains solo lines)
  • The Fiddler and the Fighter (contains solo lines)

Drat! The Cat! (1965)(originated the role)

  • Drat! The Cat! (contains solo lines)
  • A Pox Upon the Traitor's Brow (contains solo lines)
  • Today is a Day for a Band to Play (contains solo lines)
  • Justice Triumphant
  • Today is a Day for a Band to Play (Reprise)

Dear World (1969)(originated the role)

  • Each Tomorrow Morning
  • Garbage
  • I Don't Want to Know Ballet
  • Dear World
  • Finale

Promenade (1969)

  • Unrequited Love (contains solo lines)
  • Four (contains solo lines)
  • Little Fool (contains solo lines)

Coco (1969)

Papa (understudy)
  • Gabrielle (solo)

1776 (1972)

  • But Mr. Adams (contains solo lines)

A Little Night Music (1973)(originated the role)

  • Overture (contains solo lines)
  • The Glamorous Life
  • Remember? (contains solo lines)
  • Night Waltz I
  • Night Waltz II (contains solo lines)
  • Perpetual Anticipation (contains solo lines)
  • Reprises (contains solo lines)

So Long, 174th Street (1976)(originated the role)

  • You (contains solo lines)

The Grand Tour (1979)(originated the role)

  • We're Almost There (contains solo lines)
Bride's Father
  • Wedding Conversation (duet)
  • Mazeltov (contains solo lines)

The Most Happy Fella (1979)

  • Abbondanza (contains solo lines)
  • Sposalizio (contains solo lines)
  • Benvenuta (contains solo lines)
  • Abbondanza (Reprise)(contains solo lines)