Evelyn Venable

Evelyn Venable was an American actress.


Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Venable appeared in a number of stage plays for Walter Hampden, including Cyrano de Bergerac and Hamlet before being offered a film contract and making her screen debut in 1933. She would go on to appear in such films as Streamline Express, Death Takes a Holiday and Star for a Night.

Venable also provided the voice and performance model for the Blue Fairy in Pinocchio and was the original model for the Columbia Pictures logo. She retired in 1943 and taught Classics at UCLA.

Venable passed away in 1993.


Though she was dubbed for her appearance in The Little Colonel, Venable sang briefly in Vagabond Lady.


Vagabond Lady (1935)

  • Sailing, Sailing (Over the Bounding Main)(solo)
  • The Man On the Flying Trapeze (duet)
  • Merrily We Roll Along (duet)
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