David Brooks was an American actor, director and producer.


Born in Portland, Oregon, he studied to be a baritone at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. This led to him becoming a musical theatre performer. He also produced and staged productions of the works of Eugène Ionesco and Samuel Beckett and was the founder of Rooftop Productions.

Bond passed away in 1999.


Brooks was a prominent stage musical performer, and originated three roles early in his career; Jeff Calhoun in Bloomer Girl, Billy in Shootin' Star and most notably as Tommy Calhoun in Brigadoon. He would continue to play supporting roles for many years until his retirement, including Tim Cavanaugh in Sandhog and Jude Forestier in Can-Can.


Bloomer Girl (1944)(originated the role)

  • Evelina (duet)
  • Welcome Hinges (contains solo lines)
  • Right As the Rain (duet)
  • Rakish Young Man With the Whiskers (duet)
  • Sunday in Cicero Falls
  • When the Boys Come Home (Reprise)

Shootin' Star (1946)(originated the role)

Brigadoon (1947)(originated the role)

  • The Heather on the Hill (duet)
  • Almost Like Being in Love (duet)
  • There But for You Go I (solo)
  • From This Day On (duet)

The Threepenny Opera (1952)

  • Cannon Song (contains solo lines)
  • Love Song (duet)
  • Polly's Farewell Song (duet)
  • The Procurer's Ballad (duet)
  • The Ballad of Pleasant Living (solo)
  • What Keeps Mankind Alive? (contains solo lines)
  • Call from the Grave (solo)
  • Ballad in Which Macheath Asks Everyone for Forgiveness (solo)

The Girl in Pink Tights (1954)

  • Lost in Loveliness (contains solo lines)
  • Up in the Elevated Railway (contains solo lines)
  • In Paris and in Love (duet)
  • Act I Finale
  • My Heart Won't Say Goodbye (contains solo lines)
  • We're All in the Same Boat
  • Act II Finale

Sandhog (1954)(originated the role)

  • Song of the Bends (contains solo lines)
  • Work Song (contains solo lines)
  • Sweat Song (solo)
  • Fugue on a Hot Afternoon in a Small Flat (contains solo lines)
  • T-w-i-n-s (contains solo lines)
  • Katie O'Sullivan (contains solo lines)

Can-Can (1957)

  • C'est Magnifique (duet)
  • Who Said Gay Paree? (solo)
  • It's All Right With Me (solo)

Mr. President (1962)

President Stephen Decatur Henderson
  • In Our Hide-Away (duet)
  • It Gets Lonely in the White House (solo)
  • Laugh It Up (contains solo lines)
  • In Our Hide-Away (Reprise)(duet)
  • Laugh It Up (Reprise)(duet)
  • You Need a Hobby (duet)
  • This Is a Great Country (solo)
  • Finale

The Girl Who Came to Supper (1963)(standby)

  • My Family Tree (contains solo lines)
  • Soliloquies (duet)
  • Lonely (solo)
  • Soliloquies (Reprise)(duet)
  • Coronation Chorale (contains solo lines)
  • How Do You Do, Middle Age? (solo)
  • The Stingaree (contains solo lines)
  • Curt, Clear and Concise (contains solo lines)
  • This Time It's True Love (duet)
  • I'll Remember Her (solo)

Park (1970)(originated the role)

  • Elizabeth (solo)
  • He Talks to Me (duet)
  • Tomorrow Will Be the Same (contains solo lines)
  • Jamie (duet)
  • I'd Marry You Again (duet)
  • Bein' a Kid (Reprise)(contains solo lines)
  • Park (Reprise)(contains solo lines)

When Do the Words Come True? (1971)(originated the role)

  • Cable Car (contains solo lines)
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