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Carrie Fisher was an American actress.


Born in Beverly Hills, California to performer Debbie Reynolds, Fisher made her screen debut in 1975 and studied at London's Central School of Speech and Drama before her starring role as Princess Leia Organa in the Star Wars trilogy.

After this success, Fisher would continue to appear in successful films such as The Blues Brothers, Hannah and Her Sisters and When Harry Met Sally... as well as voicing Angela in Family Guy. However she mostly became known as a writer, authoring such works as Postcards from the Edge and working as a script consultant and editor on a number of major Hollywood blockbusters.

Fisher passed away in 2016.


Fisher made her singing debut as a Debutante in Irene before performing the duet "You're Sixteen" in Ringo and "A Day to Celebrate" in The Star Wars Holiday Special.

Fisher also had a major singing role as Iris in the musical Censored Scenes From King Kong and also sang briefly in Faerie Tale Theatre (performing the solo "Home in the Meadow") and Hannah and Her Sisters, where she delivered a rendition of "The Way You Look Tonight."


Ringo (1978)

  • You're Sixteen (duet)

The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

  • A Day to Celebrate (solo)

Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)

  • The Way You Look Tonight (solo)


Saturday Night Live (1978)

  • New Girl on Earth (solo)

Faerie Tale Theatre (1984)

  • Home in the Meadow (solo)

Family Guy (2010)

  • All I Really Want For Christmas (contains solo lines)

The Oprah Winfrey Show (2011)

  • You Made Me Love You (duet)
  • Happy Days are Here Again (duet)

Catastrophe (2015)

  • Carrie Fisher Song (solo)


Irene (1973)

  • They Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me

Censored Scenes From King Kong (1980)(originated the role)

  • Ha-Cha (contains solo lines)
  • Banana Oil (contains solo lines)
  • Number One (contains solo lines)