Bill Wallis
Biographical Information
Born November 20th, 1936
Guildford, England
Died September 6th, 2013
Bath, England
Productions Not Only... But Also
Vocal Type Baritone

Bill Wallis was an English actor and comedian.


Born William Wallis in Guildford, Surrey, Wallis studied at Cambridge and joined the Beyond the Fringe team when they moved to Broadway. He would often make comedy appearances on television in series such as Blackadder and Yes, Prime Minister, and on the radio, including on the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. He also made more serious radio appearances in various episodes of The Afternoon Play and The Classic Serial.

Wallis made several film appearances in Brazil, Keep the Aspidistra Flying and The Other Boleyn Girl, and narrated a number of audiobooks.

Wallis passed away in 2013.


As well as having the non-singing part of Sir Watkyn Bassett in Jeeves, Wallis also appeared as a backing singer in the comedy song "Alan a Dale" on Not Only... But Also.