Annie Warbucks.

Annie Warbucks is a sequel to the stage musical Annie, based on the the comic strip Little Orphan Annie.



On Christmas morning in 1933, when Child Welfare Commissioner Harriet Doyle (replacing the original's Miss Hannigan as the villain of the piece) arrives on the scene to inform Daddy Warbucks he must marry within sixty days or else the child will be returned to the orphanage. Daddy Warbucks' whirlwind search for a fitting bride uncovers not only a plot by Doyle and her daughter Sheila Kelly to strip him of his fortune, but also his true feelings for his long-time assistant, Grace Farrell. A gaggle of cute little girls seeking parents and President Franklin D. Roosevelt return to take part in the shenanigans.

Musical numbers

Act I
  • "A New Deal for Christmas" - All
  • "Annie Ain't Just Annie Anymore" - Annie, Warbucks, Grace, Drake, The Staff
  • "Above the Law" - Commissioner Doyle
  • "Changes" - Warbucks, Annie
  • "The Other Woman" - The Orphans
  • "The Other Woman (reprise)" - The Orphans
  • "That's the Kind of Woman" - Drake, Annie, Warbucks, Servants
  • "A Younger Man" - Warbucks
  • "But You Go On" - Mrs. Kelly
  • "Above the Law (reprise)" - Commissioner Doyle, Mrs. Kelly
  • "I Got Me" - Annie, The Orphans
  • "I Got Me (reprise)" - Annie
Act II
  • "Love" - Ella
  • "Love (reprise)" - Annie, C.G.
  • "Somebody's Gotta Do Somethin'" - Annie, The Patersons, Roosevelt, Grace, The White House Staff
  • "Leave It to the Girls" - Commissioner Doyle, Mrs. Kelly
  • "All Dolled Up" - The Orphans, Annie, Warbucks, Grace, Roosevelt, The Patersons, Drake, The Staff
  • "The Tenement Lullaby" - Mrs. Kelly
  • "It Would Have Been Wonderful" - Grace
  • "When You Smile" - Warbucks, Annie
  • "Wedding, Wedding" - Company
  • "I Always Knew" - Annie
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