Always is a stage musical based on the relationship between Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson.



After the death of the abdicated Edward, Duke of Windsor, his widow Wallis Simpson looks back at the romance that changed the British monarchy forever.

Musical numbers

  • "Long May You Reign" - Ensemble
  • "Someone Special" - Wallis
  • "Someone Special" (Reprise) - Aunt Bessie
  • "I Stand Before My Destiny" - Prince Edward
  • "Why" - Ernest and Wallis
  • "Love’s Carousel" - Analise and Ensemble
  • "If Always Were A Place" - Prince Edward
  • "This Time Around" - Wallis
  • "It’s The Party Of The Year" - Ensemble
  • "Hearts Have Their Reasons" - Prince Edward and Wallis
  • "Long May You Reign" (Reprise) - Ensemble
  • "The Reason For Life Is To Love" - Aunt Bessie
  • "The Montage" - Ensemble
  • "Invitation For Two" - Prince Edward and Wallis
  • "Always" - Prince Edward and Wallis
  • "I Stand Before My Destiny" (Reprise) - Prince Edward
  • "Finale" - Ensemble
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