A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a musical based on the life of Betty Smith.



The musical tells of the working-class Nolan family (Johnny, Katie and Francie) at the turn of the 20th century in Brooklyn, New York. The father, Johnny, is an optimistic but undependable singing waiter who spends his paycheck in the neighborhood saloon. His hard-working wife Katie is a disappointed realist weary from years of broken promises, daughter Francie idolizes her father, and Aunt Cissy is the victim of a string of romantic misadventures with common-law husbands, each of which she insists on calling "Harry" after her first lover.

Musical numbers

Act I
  • "Payday" - The Company
  • "Mine Til Monday" - Johnny Nolan, Hildy and Company
  • "Make the Man Love Me" - Katie and Johnny Nolan
  • "I'm Like a New Broom" - Johnny Nolan and Friends
  • "Look Who's Dancing" - Katie, Cissy, Johnny Nolan, Allie, Willie, Petey, Girl in Mae's Place and Dancers
  • "Make the Man Love Me (Reprise)" - Katie
  • "Love is the Reason" - Cissy
  • "Mine Next Monday" - Aloysius
  • "If You Haven't Got a Sweetheart" - Dancer and Company
  • "I'll Buy You a Star" - Johnny Nolan and Company
Act II
  • "That's How It Goes" - Old Clothes Man, Maudie, Moriarty and Company
  • "He Had Refinement" - Cissy
  • "Growing Pains" - Johnny Nolan and Francie
  • "Is That My Prince?" - Cissy and Swansine
  • "Don't Be Afraid" - Johnny Nolan
  • "I'm Like a New Broom" (Reprise) - Johnny Nolan
  • "Love Is the Reason" (Reprise) -Cissy and Harry
  • "Look Who's Dancing" (Reprise) - Harry and Child
  • "If You Haven't Got a Sweetheart" (Reprise) - The Company
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