A Time for Singing.

A Time for Singing is a stage musical based on Richard Llewellyn's novel How Green Was My Valley.



Protestant minister David Griffith recalls conflict within the Morgan family over the possible formation of a miners' union within the village, and the romance between Griffith himself and Angharad of the Morgans, who ultimately marries the mine owner instead.

Musical numbers

Act I
  • "Come You Men" - Male Singing Chorus
  • "How Green Was My Valley" - David Griffith and Chorus
  • "Old Long John" - Male Singing Chorus
  • "Here Come Your Men" - Male Singing Chorus
  • "What a Good Day Is Saturday" - Beth Morgan, Gwillym Morgan, Angharad Morgan, Brothers and Company
  • "Peace Come to Every Heart" - Company
  • "Someone Must Try" - David Griffith
  • "Oh, How I Adore Your Name" - Angharad Morgan
  • "That's What Young Ladies Do" - David Griffith
  • "When He Looks At Me" - Angharad Morgan
  • "Far From Home" - Beth Morgan, Angharad Morgan, Gwillym Morgan and Brothers
  • "I Wonder If" - Brothers
  • "What A Party" - Gwillym Morgan, David Griffith, Cyfartha Lewis, Dai Bando and Brothers
  • "Let Me Love You" - Angharad Morgan
  • "Why Would Anyone Want to Get Married?" - Huw Morgan, Brothers, Beth Morgan and Gwillym Morgan
  • "A Time For Singing "- Beth Morgan and Company
Act II
  • "When the Baby Comes" - Company
  • "I'm Always Wrong" - Angharad Morgan
  • "There is Beautiful You Are" - David Griffith
  • "Three Ships" - Beth Morgan, Bronwen Jenkins, Ivor Morgan and Company
  • "Tell Her" - Huw Morgan and Gwillym Morgan
  • "There Is Beautiful You Are" (Reprise) - David Griffith
  • "Let Me Love You" (Reprise) - Angharad Morgan and David Griffith
  • "And The Mountains Sing Back" - David Griffith
  • "Gone in Sorrow" - Company
  • "How Green Was My Valley" (Reprise) - Company
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