A Joyful Noise.

A Joyful Noise is a stage musical.



A wandering minstrel, Shade Motley, arrives in a small Tennessee town with his fiddle under his arm. The young women of the town find the stranger attractive. One young woman in particular, Jenny Lee, falls immediately in love with him, although she is engaged to Brother Locke, the local minister. Shade gives Jenny a locket, but her father Walter Wishenant, tells him to leave town. Just then Bliss Stanley arrives, with an offer to make Shade rich through his singing.

Jenny Lee ends up marrying Brother Locke, and Shade goes off to make his fortune. He returns for a visit with Mary Texas, an extroverted blonde.

Musical numbers

Act I
  • "Longtime Travelin'"— Shade Motley
  • "A Joyful Noise"— Shade Motley and Townspeople
  • "I'm Ready"— Jenny Lee, Miss Jimmie and The Girls
  • "Spring Time of the Year"— Shade Motley
  • "I Like to Look My Best"— Shade Motley, Sam Fredrickson and Saw Mill Boys
  • "No Talent"— Bliss Stanley
  • "Not Me"— Jenny Lee and Miss Jimmie
  • "Until Today"— Shade Motley and Jenny Lee
  • "Swinging a Dance"— Shade Motley and Company
  • "To the Top"— Bliss Stanley and Shade Motley
Act II
  • "I Love Nashville"— Mary Texas and Her Boys
  • "Whither Thou Goest"— Brother Locke
  • "We Won't Forget to Write"— Miss Jimmie, Sam Fredrickson and Saw Mill Boys
  • "Ballad Maker"— Shade Motley, Mary Texas, The Motley Crew and Ensemble
  • "Barefoot Gal"— Mary Texas
  • "Fool's Gold"— Shade Motley, Mary Texas, The Motley Crew and Ensemble
  • "The Big Guitar"— Bliss Stanley
  • "Love Was"— Jenny Lee
  • "I Say Yes"— Shade Motley, The Motley Crew and Ensemble
  • "Lord, You Sure Know How to Make a New Day"— Shade Motley
  • "A Joyful Noise (Reprise)"— Shade Motley and Townspeople
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